A native Oklahoman, I have lived in Houston for the last 37 years, which makes me almost a native Houstonian.

My education consists of a B.S. in Microbiology, certification as a Medical Technologist and an MBA. Retired now, I spent 40 years as a microbiologist, clinical laboratory manager and hospital administrator. Also, I spent five years as a medical writer and account executive for a national advertising agency where my experience as a photographer was invaluable in dealing with the creative staff.

My introduction to photography was as a junior high school student. I was introduced to black and white processing when I received my first camera, which was a Kodak Brownie Reflex. The real thrill was my first 35mm camera and Kodachrome film. Since that time I have continued to shoot everything in sight.

In the late nineteen seventies, I learned to scuba dive and, of course, had to have an underwater camera. I have spent many glorious hours watching sea life and taking home the best of souvenirs - pictures. But, diving is not my only photo interest; I travel for pleasure a great deal and enjoy photographing the places I have seen. Studying art with a very talented instructor, has helped me see things with a new eye. I consider myself a rank amateur and still learning.

Digital imaging is allowing to me to have a darkroom on my desk when I can't have a darkroom in my garage.

I shoot with a Nikon D300, D80 with Nikon lenses and a Nikonos V for underwater. I also have a little 8 Megapixel Nikon point and shoot as a carry around. However, I still treasure my old Olympus OM and OM1, which are as reliable today as it was the day I bought it 25 years ago.

I am an active member of the Houston Photochrome Club.